First & Second Fix Carpentry

At Surrey Structures, we undertake First Fix Carpentry for property extensions, new buildings, and renovation projects. First Fix Carpentry refers to the initial structuring building work of a property or extension before other parts of the build can then take place. We are experts when it comes to 1st Fix Carpentry, and any kind of building structure, undertaking Bespoke Carpentry in Cranleigh, London and the South East.

Best 1st Fix Carpentry London

We undertake property structural work such as roof strutting, wall studding and floor joists. Space is left for door and windows frames too, for when finishing comes next, deemed Second Fix Carpentry.

We have a team of specialist builders who carry out First Fix Carpentry in Dorking, allowing for other trades to then take place. We leave a top quality structural framework, for cables to then be laid or pipes to be fixed, before the build can proceed.

Bespoke Carpentry Dorking, Cranleigh & Surrey

If you are looking for Bespoke Carpentry Surrey, London, or any other structural building services in the area, then be sure to get in touch with us. We are happy to give advice on building projects, from the design stages and planning permission, to what it takes when erecting the actual structure. We are happy to provide quotes free of charge, so just give us a call and see how we can help.

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Finding the right experts for a wide range of carpentry services in Surrey isn’t always as easy as you may think – after all, you have your budgets to think of as well as the quality of care you stand to receive!  Surrey Structures are seasoned first fix carpentry and second fix carpentry experts in London and beyond – covering a wide range of local areas with support on all things joinery, carpentry, foundations and more besides at a low cost you won’t find elsewhere in Cranleigh, Weybridge or elsewhere.  We’re a UK-based supplier and construction specialist, offering support from the design process right the way through to final installation and aftercare.  If you’re looking for 1st fix carpentry experts in Dorking or are in need of affordable 2nd fix carpentry services without the rising cost, all you have to do is take a close look at our previous work and get in touch for a free, exclusive quote – one with absolutely no obligation.

First Fix Carpentry Near Me

First fix carpentry services will apply when you are looking to get all the necessary joists, frames and foundations down and fixed in place before further work such as plastering and electrical installation can begin.  It’s also essential that you have a solid, reliable framework in place for doors and windows – whether you’re looking at a complex bespoke design or a simple conversion, all buildings and properties are dependent upon a trusted and stable framework which is guaranteed to weather years of use.  1st fix carpentry installation and setup never has to cost the earth – and here at Surrey Structures, we will always set you up with a cheap, reliable quote for your exact needs and expectations.  We don’t believe in hidden fees or nasty little surprises – and, as such, you’ll be given an upfront, reliable cost for what you expect from us before we get started.  All you need to do is to call or to email us to get started.  For reliable first fix carpentry services in Cobham and Dorking, we’re always on hand to help.

Second Fix Carpentry London

For domestic and commercial projects across Surrey, London and elsewhere in the South East, Surrey Structures have a specialist team of reliable experts ready and waiting to go on a range of 2nd fix carpentry installation needs.  Looking for cheap second fix carpentry near me?  We focus on a flexible tariff for all carpentry services – and the second fix will largely ensure that everything is secure, practical and safe for further building work to proceed.  This stage of carpentry will take place once the first fix and additional work such as plastering has been put to task – beyond this, we will ensure that your foundations and framework are ready for windows, doors and more besides – we never leave a job undone, and it’s important to us that we remain as faithful to your desired designs as possible.  We’ll look at practical options with you throughout the project process – but it’s here where we hit the nail on the head – so to speak – when it comes to setting up a practical framework.

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In the midst of setting up a new home project and need a team of experts to help bring effective, affordable and reliable first fix and second fix carpentry to life?  For as little or as much as you need us, Surrey Structures can and will be on hand.  Call our top team today on 0800 9247 245 or email us with more information on your upcoming project – and we will always be happy to support you with any bespoke or custom needs you may have.